Poll Question: Shutdown follow up

A temporary reprieve for a federal shutdown; what’s your take?

BY HBSDealer Staff

In the early days of the recent partial federal shutdown, HBSDealer readers were asked if their business was affected by the shutdown. The vast majority – 168 out of 198 voters – said “no.”

Days of the shutdown turned into weeks as furloughed government workers struggled to make ends meet. Plus, security at airports came into question as Transportation Security Administration officers worked without pay. (Read NAHB applauds reopening of federal government.)

HBSDealer intended to ask for an update on the original shutdown-related poll question, but then the deal was struck to reopen the government, albeit on a temporary basis.

The question remains: To what extent are you or your business feeling relief that the government shutdown has been lifted?

The poll is available on the right side of the screen (or scroll down your handheld device). HBSDealer welcomes your extended comments. Share them here.


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How do you feel now that the federal government shutdown has been lifted (albeit temporarily)?