Poll question: New Year’s (business) resolutions

What’s your new emphasis as you enter calendar year 2020?

BY HBSDealer Staff

For some, the changing of the calendar year means business as usual. For most, however, it marks the perfect time to take stock of habit and behavior, and create a New Year’s resolution.

In and around the hardware and building supply industry, it’s a safe bet that professionals are launching a wide range of improvement plans. In that spirit, here’s the latest HBSDealer poll question: “What’s your New Year’s (business) resolution?”

Since the object of business is to make money, it stands to reason that “Make more money,” should be among the choices. Of course there’s more to the 9-to-5 than making money. There’s also the impact that we have on our colleagues and communities.

There’s also in the office kitchen too much free coffee that should probably, for some, be avoided.

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What's your New Year's (business) resolution?
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