Poll question: In-store specials

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Poll question: In-store specials

By HBSDealer Staff - 12/02/2019
The home improvement retailing industry prides itself on the service and guidance it provides to customers in the aisles, as they seek solutions to complicated projects.

You can’t get that kind of service on line – or can you? Youtube would argue you can, but there's no substitute for face-to-face human interaction, when it comes to a leaky roof.

Some categories lend themselves well to online sales. Others don't. This week’s poll question seeks to shed light on those categories that work better than others in the store environment.

Here’s the question: “What category is most conducive to in-store (as opposed to online) purchases?”

Respondents are reminded to pick two answers, or supply your own. The poll is open and ready to receive votes on the right side of this page. Also, extended comments are encouraged -- send them to [email protected].