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Poll Question: Got logo?

How effective is the graphic symbol of your company?

BY HBSDealer Staff

Corporate America wouldn’t be where it is today without the corporate logo. At its best, a company’s logo provides identity, values and visibility as it greases the wheels of commerce. Sometimes they’re an effective business tool. Sometimes they’re not.

In the hardware and building supply industry, the quality of logos runs the full spectrum. HBSDealer encourages an examination of the corporate logo in two ways:

First, the latest HBSDealer poll question asks for a self-examination: How would you describe your company’s logo?

  1. Excellent, beloved by customers and employees
  2. Better than the average corporate logo
  3. It serves its purpose
  4. Needs improvement
  5. What logo?

Take the poll on the right side of the page. (Or scroll down your handheld device.)

Second, HBSDealer asks you to submit your company logo in the first HBSDealer Industry-Wide Logo Contest. Send us your logo to [email protected]. Two winners will be selected by professional New York City-based graphic designers — a “Dealer Logo” and a “Supplier/Vendor Logo.”

Deadline for entries is Aug. 10.


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How would you describe your company’s logo?