Phillips Screw tightens its U.S. strategy

A familiar name in fasteners eyes the U.S. market with Lightning relaunch.

BY HBSDealer Staff

The Phillips Screw Company, the company that invented the Phillips-head drive system and received a patent for it in 1935, sees an opportunity today for its new Lightning fastener system. With labor dwindling, and housing demand growing, a screw that fits snugly on the bit and can be drilled with one hand can save considerable time at the job site.

Todd Ruehs of Phillips makes the strong case that the screw is far-and-away the most-often-handled item at a construction site, and he’s done the math. It takes 48 screws for a sheet of drywall, 42 screws for a sheet of subfloor a 22 for a fiber-cement board.

Into this equation, the Lightning screw brings a message of speed and efficiency. The fastener head fits snugly into the bit, without a wobble, for easy one-handed drilling.

The Lightning screw is a strong player in the United Kingdom and is ready to expand. “We are now relaunching into North America,” said Ruehs, VP of business development and brand strategy for the Phillips Screw Company. “The reason we believe now is thThe Lightning Screw, from Phillipse right time and our products will be accepted is that. the construction industry is getting ready to face a silent crisis. There are not enough people to build houses.”

The Lightning Multi-purpose wood screw features the company’s patented Phillips Square-Driv drive system with “Stick-Tight” wobble free engagement. The interaction between bit and screw allows for one-handed operation and “never a dropped screw,” the company says. The Lightning screw’s patented low energy threads are designed to ensure an instant start and fast installation.

The new Lightning site case kit adds even more convenience, creating a water-tight, organized package for 805 screws in 8 popular sizes.

“If you can drive it with one hand, wobble free, then that allows a contractor to build more and faster,” Ruehs said.


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