Next Big Thing: Instant delivery

BY HBSDealer Staff

Amazon's same-day delivery option has arguably shifted the goal posts for modern-day retailers.

But is there a way to outdo the e-commerce giant?

Pottery Barn is attempting that. The retailer recently teamed up with PICKUP, which offers a trademarked Instant Delivery service, to offer a multi-day event at its Dallas location that was devoted to instant gratification.

During Pottery Barn's Instant Delivery Days event in June, customers were able to take advantage of on-demand delivery by off-duty firefighters, military members and veterans on in-stock home decor and furniture.

PICKUP was founded in 2014 and is currently based in Dallas, where they offer Instant Delivery services to consumers and retailers.

Their Good Guy drivers —  off-duty firemen, military and veterans — meet the age-old need for "a few strong men and a pickup truck," and they can be hired directly via a mobile app.

The app itself works a lot like Uber. Users request a pickup, receive an estimate, and then watch the map in real time as a Good Guy approaches their pickup location.

They serve everyone ranging from interior designers to warehouse and big box stores, though this appears to be the first time a retailer has offered their services as a promotion directly to customers.


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