New EGO Power+ battery stands out in the OPE game

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New EGO Power+ battery stands out in the OPE game

By HBSDealer Staff - 02/20/2018

EGO Power+ is shining a light on its new EGO Power+ battery, a patented lithium-ion battery platform with a unique arc shape.

"Our first step in shattering perceptions of cordless outdoor equipment was to elevate power and performance," said Joe Turoff, VP sales and marketing at Chervon. "Battery design and technology in this category were largely unchallenged until we set audacious performance goals and dropped limits of conventional thinking."

The EGO Power+ battery promises longer-lasting power, a quick recharge in as little as 25 minutes, and a weather-resistant design.

It accomplishes this, says the company, through a design specifically aimed at reducing heat, which is the biggest drag on power output and operating lifetime.

"The arc shape provides more surface cooling area while, inside the battery, phase change material coats each cell, cooling them in use and advanced monitoring software panels unite to deliver unprecedented heat reduction that translates to power and performance unseen in past generations of cordless outdoor equipment," said Turoff.

EGO Power+ equipment is available exclusively at The Home Depot.

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