LumBros. and the brotherhood of lumber

In Minnesota, a new pro dealer cannonballs into the industry.

BY Andy Carlo

There’s a new lumberyard on the block in Detroit Lake, Minn.

It’s on County Highway 22 to be exact; about 50 miles east of Fargo, N.D. and 220 miles north of Minneapolis.

LumBros. Building Solutions took off earlier this summer when owner Zach Felt said he decided to “jump into the deep end of the pool.”

“I cannonballed,” he says.

After a career in the LBM industry, beginning as a summer helper at a regional yard roughly 16 years ago, Felt decided to open his own yard. His career has included serving as a loader, driver, yard foreman, estimator, sales, and roles with commercial and residential builders.

Felt’s original plan was to buy a local yard that was shutting its doors for good. But when talks stalled, Felt decided to open LumBros. Building Solutions.

“A big door closed and lots of little doors opened,” Felt told HBSDealer.

The company’s name originates from a close friendship in the industry. “It’s an inside joke that we both sold lumber but we are not blood brothers. We are lumber brothers,” Felt explains. It’s also a reference to his own two sons, ages 4 and 2, along with those who share a passion about the industry – whether it’s contractors or associates at other yards.

It’s a brotherhood of lumber for Felt who is so passionate about the industry that he has been known to listen to various LBM podcasts while mowing the lawn.

Today, Felt operates the lumberyard with right-hand man Adam Edwards “who will eventually become the company’s CFO.”

The LumBros. family, including Zach Felt (left) and Adam Edwards (right).

Situated on a 2 and-a-half acre site, LumBros. Building Solutions handles windows, doors, siding, decking, dimensional lumber, hardware and trusses among other LBM products. The business is also located about a half-mile away from one of the nation’s largest country music festivals: WE Fest.

Through his experience, Felt has a better than average understanding the do’s and don’ts of operating a yard.

“I’ve been in the trenches and I know how expensive an hour late delivery can be for a contractor when the crew is waiting around,” he says.  Felt prides himself on delivering fair and accurate estimates to customers.

Local officials gave the green light to open the company on May 14 and its point of sale system was operational by July 17. Along with hitting revenue targets for the next year, LumberBros. goals include improving efficiency and investing in more equipment. He also wants to see more women in the industry.

Looking further ahead, Felt wants to ensure that LumberBros. remains a “fun place to make a good career” while a solid balance between work and family life remains in place. He wants to the business to have a strong place in the community too.


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