Lowe’s drills into holiday shopping habits of pros

Pros use holiday shopping as an opportunity to restock their toolboxes.

BY HBSDealer Staff

A recent study conducted by Lowe’s revealed that professional contractors like to get ahead during the holiday shopping season as much as the average consumer.

According to Lowe’s, pros use holiday shopping as an opportunity to restock their toolboxes, load on up items they need from job to job and get great deals for their businesses as well as themselves.

To understand how pros actually get ahead of their busiest shopping season, Lowe’s commissioned a study to uncover shopping insights about what tools and hardware products pros are most looking for this holiday sales shopping season, to provide an informed shopping experience that saves pros time and money.

Lowe’s said the study is part of its “overarching commitment to curating experiences for pros that save them money.” Pros surveyed for the nationwide study included general contractors, electricians, remodelers and painters, among others. According to Lowe’s, the average pro is planning to fill their shopping car with items spanning more than eight product categories.

Based on survey results, the retailer said it expects about a third of pros will be shopping for building exteriors, skilled trades, kitchen and bath projects.

Here are some of the other findings from Lowe’s survey:

Desired products:

  • Pros are looking to buy, and the study found that hand tools and power tools were the overwhelming top choices, with just about 85% of respondents selecting these responses.
  • Within the hand tools category, tools sets, cutting tools are screwdrivers were the top three selections.
  • Within the power tools category, drills, combo kits and accessories were the top three selections.
  • Looking across all product categories, Lowe’s compiled a list of top most commonly anticipated holiday sales purchases. Among all products, drills ranked #1, with about half of respondents (49%) indicating plans to purchase one during holiday sales. Rounding out the top 10 are tool sets (45%), cutting tools (42%), power tool combo kits (39%), screwdrivers (38%), cleaning supplies (37%), power tool accessories (36%), measuring and layout tools (34%), with hammers, wrenches and saws tying for last place (31%).

Shopping habits:

  • Nearly two-thirds of Pros plan to shop for holiday sales in-store versus from an online-only retailer or a retailer’s website, signaling that the in-store customer experience is paramount to capturing sales and making loyal customers.

Audience-specific insights:

  • Generalist pros, such as contractors, remodelers and renovators surveyed, plan to make purchases across more tool and hardware categories (9 categories) than specific skilled tradespeople (7.2 categories).
  • Skilled tradespeople surveyed expect to work on more kitchen and bath projects in 2020, and prefer more than the average respondent to shop in-store (70% vs. 65% respectively).
  • Pros surveyed, who work for larger companies, such as property management and investment groups, will make purchases across more product categories during holiday sales compared to those with companies smaller than 20 employees.
  • Self-employed pros plan to do bathroom projects most frequently in 2020, whereas Pros employed by companies plan to complete the most building exterior projects.

In congruence with the survey, Lowe’s said it is running special deals on a number of major pro brands, including Bosch, DeWalt, Shop-Vac, Spyder power tools and accessories from Oct. 31 through early December.



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Would be nice to know some details on the methodology of the study



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