Kyocera expands its color options

Costa Mesa, California-based Kyocera has introduced two new color options for its 5-Piece Bamboo Knife Block Set.

Building on the original set, which features white blades with black handles, the new sets feature Revolution Series cutlery with black blades and black handles, or with white blades with red handles. 

Each set comes in a bamboo knife block with four ceramic knives: a 3-inch paring knife, 4.5-inch utility knife, 5.5-inch santoku and 6-inch chef’s knife.

Zirconia 206, Kyocera’s proprietary advanced ceramic, is a pure, dense material that is 50% harder than steel. The sharp blades hold their edge up to 10 times longer than premium steel blades, according to the company.

The knives are also lightweight and balanced for greater control, requiring less pressure to cut.

The blades are also chemically inert, so they won't brown foods or transfer metallic tastes or smells, and the ceramic won't rust or stain.