Jenn-Air Connected Wall Ovens now take voice commands

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Jenn-Air Connected Wall Ovens now take voice commands

Jenn-Air Connected Wall Ovens are not just compatible with the Nest Learning Thermostat anymore -- they're also compatible with Amazon Alexa.

The ovens are now capable of responding to simple voice commands for everything from preheating and setting timers to changing temperatures and cooking mode.

This means users can tell the oven to preheat to a desired temperature while their hands are busy prepping and mixing ingredients, simply by saying "Alexa, tell Jenn-Air to preheat the oven to 400 degrees."

Jenn-Air is also ensuring that its ovens are "future-proofed" by making its connectivity features easy to upgrade over time as technology advances.

"These luxury wall ovens offer a unique combination of easily upgradeable connected features," said  Jenn-Air marketing director Brian Maynard. "With Nest compatibility, the oven's algorithm-enabled Culinary Center and the soon to be available voice commands powered by Alexa, we're getting closer to achieving frictionless, barrier free cooking and entertaining."

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