It’s hot. Here’s the business update

It’s been a summer of extreme heat throughout the U.S., and with the beginning of August, experts aren’t predicting it will cool off any time soon.

As triple-digit temperatures spike, so too are summer heat waves driving interest in better solutions for how to keep cool. Friedrich, a U.S. air conditioner company, has experienced brisk sales that began as early as June and are predicted to last well past Labor Day this year. Product trends that are heating up range from portable air conditioners and mid-priced window units, to advanced systems like ductless technology.

“For years, homeowners believed that it was all or nothing–either install central air or suffer through the hottest months of the year,” said TJ Wheeler, Friedrich VP of marketing and product management. “Now there are many other effective alternatives designed to fit nearly any budget, and also deliver a host of additional benefits such as smart technology, greater energy efficiency and all-season performance.”

According to Friedrich, portable units have been especially popular this year. Advantages include quick installation, spot cooling and heating options, easy portability and simple set up.

“Portables are great for those times when you need immediate relief in a certain small space, like a bedroom, but may not need it in the rest of the house,” said Wheeler. “They also look great; our sleek ZoneAire Compact is particularly popular for its design as well as its functionality.”

For greater cooling capabilities, yet still in the relatively affordable and easy to install category, window and room air conditioning units have advanced significantly over the past few years. New features available include Wi-Fi technology for convenient, remote management capabilities

Friedrich’s ductless solutions have become increasingly popular for conditioning air faster, maintaining more accurate temperatures and reducing energy costs. Unlike central air, homeowners love the fact that with ductless, they can customize the temperature of each room in their home, so they aren’t wasting energy by cooling/heating rooms that are unoccupied.

“This summer’s extreme heat has caused more homeowners who never thought air conditioning was a necessity to start researching and exploring their options,” said Wheeler. “The good news is that manufacturers like Friedrich have stepped up to meet the rising demand with a wide variety of innovative solutions.”