HurriBond flexes its adhesive muscle

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HurriBond flexes its adhesive muscle

A new dual-purpose adhesive/caulk product is touting its strength and ability to work on virtually any surface.

HurriBond, from Smart Vent Products, Inc., is not only sandable, paintable, fast-curing, and resistant to cracking and peeling -- it's also strong enough to secure two 40-pound dumbbells together, or pull a vehicle with a rope glued together.

The VOC-compliant formula provides UV stability, and it sets up under water (meaning it's also capable of sealing leaking fish tanks).

The adhesive is the specified product for installation of Smart Vent Product’s ICC-ES-Certified flood vents, which open and close automatically to allow flood water to passively enter and exit the enclosure. However, its applications are extremely versatile.

“I have never seen anything like HurriBond in all my 15 years as a general contractor,” said Bradley McKeel, president McKeel Works in Dunn, NC. “"It guns easy and smooth and I love the idea that it's for interior and exterior, paintable and sandable. We use it for just about anything we build."

“Every once in a while a new product comes along that turns out to be a game-changer and that’s exactly what HurriBond is,” said Tom Little, vice president of Smart Vent Products, Inc. “If you’ve ever been frustrated with caulk in your bathroom or on the outside of your house that fails after a couple months or a year or are tired of gluing the same thing together over and over, HurriBond is for you.” 

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