Home Depot opens first FDC

The Home Depot has opened its latest distribution center model – an FDC, or Flatbed Distribution Center.

The home improvement retailer said that it’s one thing to deliver a simple package the next day, or even the same day, but a flatbed of 80-pound bags of concrete, concrete blocks, a bunk of lumber and drywall is an entirely different matter. These are the types of projects Home Depot plans to serve through the FDC.

Located in Dallas, Texas, the FDC is part of the company’s $1.2 billion investment to build approximately 150 new facilities across the country to reach 90% of U.S. customers with same-day and next-day delivery.

The first FDC is designed to deliver construction and building materials directly to customers while increasing accessibility and speed of deliveries. Flatbed trucks can drive right through the center and be loaded up with heavy or oversized materials and off they go.

“We expect to build 40 flatbed distribution centers in the 40 largest markets, so we can bring those products to customers on a same-day, next-day basis,” said Executive Vice President of Supply Chain and Product Development Mark Holifield. “Our flatbed distribution centers help us provide the tools and materials Pros need for their jobs on a same-day, next-day basis, where and when they need it.”