HBSDealer Poll Question: Work history

Where did your company’s newest employee come from?

BY HBSDealer Staff

Recruitment is a big story among hardware and building supply industry. The contraction of the homebuilding industry during last decade’s downturn sent a significant number of employees to seek their fortunes in other industries. Many never came back.

Recruitment experts are fond of encouraging dealers to keep their eyes open for raw talent anywhere and everywhere – whether they see it at a competitor’s lumberyard or at a neighborhood restaurant.

Product knowledge can be taught, say the experts. But you can’t teach friendliness and a willingness to serve customers.

Against this background comes the latest HBSDealer poll question. Where did your company’s newest employee come from?

He or she had to come from somewhere. Let us know by taking the poll on the right side of this page (or scroll down your mobile device).


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Where did your company's newest employee come from?
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