Glidden says ‘procrastipainting’ is higher among Millennials

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Glidden says ‘procrastipainting’ is higher among Millennials

By HBSDealer Staff - 06/25/2019
According to a new study commissioned by Glidden paint, 84 million Americans intend to paint a room in their homes within the next year.

But the key word is “intend.”

While the majority of those surveyed agreed that painting is easy, about 25% said they would procrastinate the job. Glidden says it calls the tendency to put off the paint job as “procrastipainting.” 

Glidden also said that the survey found Americans are more likely to procrastinate on home maintenance than any other aspect of their lives.

“The thing holding people back from giving their home a fresh, new look is the ability to get started,” said Luke Klein, senior brand marketing manager, Glidden paint. 

Millennials are unique in how they procrastipaint, Glidden said. In the next year, 41% of millennials plan to do a home paint project. That’s approximately 30 million Americans born between 1981-1996. 

But Millennials are 13% more likely than other generations to procrastinate on smaller tasks like painting a room or fixing things around the house. However, they are less likely than other generations to procrastinate on larger, more expensive home improvement projects.

When they have free time, only 3% of millennials will prioritize home improvement, favoring time with friends and acts of self-care. Nearly a quarter of millennials would rather get a tattoo than start a paint project. 

“Nearly 60 million U.S. adults will likely procrastinate on a home paint project in the next year, but the same survey sheds light on what motivates them to get started,” said Klein.

Prepping the walls remains the key obstacle when it comes to beginning a paint project. If less prep were required, 76 million Americans would be more likely to start a paint project, Glidden said.

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