Glidden breaks up with Color of the Year

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Glidden breaks up with Color of the Year

As other paint manufacturers announce their choices for colors of the year, PPG paint brand Glidden announced that it will not choose a 2020 Color of the Year.

Rather, Glidden said that its announcement actually serves as an “official breakup letter with Color of the Year selections.”

Glidden has also chosen Sept. 6, the unofficial holiday of “Fight Procrastination Day” – an issue that typically stalls many DIY paint projects – to unveil Whirlwind.

The paint brand says Whirlwind is a "fail-proof" cool gray with a touch of blue and a color that people “actually will use in 2019 and beyond.”

“Grays have been trending for more than a decade,” said Kim Perry, Glidden paint’s color guru. “If it’s not broke, don’t fix it! Whirlwind was one of our top tinted colors this year, so DIYers can rest easy knowing they can enjoy it for years to come. Instead of staring blankly at a paint color card questioning all your life choices, you can spend time doing what you really want to do. Like drinking wine or binge watching TV in your freshly painted living room.”

Glidden suggests that Whirlwind can be applied to walls of a gallery kitchen while paired with navy blue cabinets and quartz countertops. Or in the living room while layered with various shades of gray and canary yellow accent pillows.

“Think of Whirlwind as your easy-to-get-along-with color that’s an alternative to basic white or beige,” said Perry. “Gray colors whisper, while other colors scream on your wall. Not literally – but who wants a screaming anything in their house?”