From Crescent, two tools in one

The Ex6 Layout Square features an innovative foldout extension arm.

BY HBSDealer Staff

The new Crescent Ex6 Layout Square performs double duty through an innovative design feature, providing the functionality of a 7-inch square and a 12-inch square in one product.

The Ex6 (product No. LSSP6) features a patent-pending foldout extension arm, extending the straight edge from 6 to 12 inches. The company says that an easy-to-access thumb lock makes it easy to swing the extension arm out and then lock it back into place. Made from solid, lightweight aluminum, the laser-etched markings and corrosion-resistant finish provide greater visibility that won’t fade over time.

The Ex6 Layout Square is the flagship product in Crescent’s new line of measuring and marking squares, which includes:

  • Combination Squares: 6- and 12-inch options (L06CS and L12CS), with laser-etched numbers and an extruded head for improved accuracy and durability
  • Carpenter Squares: 8×12-inch and 16×24-inch size options (L0812US and L1624CS), steel construction with durable protective coated dual-sided markings and increments from inches to 1/16th
  • Framing Square: 16×24 inches (L1624RS), lightweight aluminum construction with durable protective coated dual-sided markings; and
  • Drywall T-Square: 48 inches (L48DS), aluminum construction with bolstered joint between blade and head for durability and lasting accuracy

Crescent is a brand of Apex Tool Group.


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