Eye on Retail: Saatva brings online experience to life with store

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Eye on Retail: Saatva brings online experience to life with store

By Marianne Wilson - 12/12/2019
A fast-growing online mattress brand has opened its first physical location.

The 3,300-sq.-ft. Saatva store, which is billed as a “Viewing Room,” showcases the company’s full range of sleep products, including its five eco-friendly mattress types (in all 11 comfort levels), organic cotton sheets and pillows and designer bed frames. The space has a relaxed, inviting feel, with a blue-sky ceiling and a palette of Mediterranean hues. iPads and information stations are located throughout to allow guests to interact with Saatva’s collection at their own pace. Associates, or “sleep guides,” are available to assist and answer questions.

“The Viewing Room “is a sensory experience that represents what Saatva stands for,” said Vicente Wolf, who designed the space. “When you enter, it’s about dreaming. As a self-guided space, it invites consumers to use the information stations to self-educate and make a purchase that permits them to sleep soundly.”

Founded in 2010, Saatva aims to offer luxury sleep products at affordable price points. Unlike some other online mattress brands, the company delivers and sets up products in the customer's home. Saatva said it expects to close out 2019 with more than $200 million in revenue. It intends to roll out more stores in major design centers around the country.

“With our new Viewing Room, we’ve created a beautiful, tranquil oasis for customers that’s unlike anything else in the bedroom furnishings market,” said Saatva CEO Ron Rudzin. “An extension of our online presence, it’s another way to experience our commitment to delivering white-glove customer service and high-quality, premium products that don’t come in a box.”

In 2020 the company will introduce the Saatva Youth mattress, which it described as the first mattress specifically engineered to meet the needs of the growing body, with a unique two-sided design that provides customized support for younger as well as older children.

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