E-commerce poll results

A plurality of respondents predict double-digit percent gains in 2019.

BY HBSDealer Staff

According to government data, online and other non-store sales were up 10.4% to $682.8 billion in 2018. That’s even higher than the pre-season forecast from the National Retail Federation.

In 2019, the NRF’s forecast calls for a 10%-12% percent increase in online sales, and that’s in line with the thinking of about half of the participants in the latest HBSDealer poll question.

HBSDealer asked: What are your company’s expectations for e-commerce growth in 2019? After some 90 votes, here are the results:

Government data also estimates that total retail sales during 2018 grew 4.6% over 2017 to $3.68 trillion. That result also exceeded the forecast from the National Retail Federation of at least 4.5%  growth.

The e-commerce poll remains open at the right side of the page (or scroll down your mobile device). As always, your comments on future sales are encouraged. Share them here: [email protected]


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What are your company's expectations for e-commerce growth in 2019?
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