Deckorators gives nod to CAMO fasteners

CAMO fastening systems are designed for quick and efficient installation of deck boards.

BY HBSDealer Staff

Deckorators, the composite decking manufacturer, has approved CAMO’s EdgeClip and EdgeXClip fasteners for use with their grooved deck boards. 

CAMO Edge Screws are also on the Deckorators compatible fastener list, having previously been approved for use with their square profile deck boards. Manufactured by National Nail, the fastener systems have been designed with contractor input to help them quickly and efficiently fasten deck boards and achieve a fastener-free surface.

“We are very pleased that Deckorators has approved our CAMO Edge deck fasteners and clips for use with their innovative Deckorators composite decking product lines,” said W. Scott Baker, CEO of National Nail. “We feel that contractors who use CAMO brands with Deckorators deck boards will benefit from the improved installation experience and lasting performance of these two industry-leading innovations.”

“At Deckorators, we pride ourselves in providing a great decking experience to our partners and that includes installation options,” said Chris Camfferman, managing director of marketing, Deckorators. “We are therefore excited about adding CAMO EdgeClip and EdgeXClip to our list of compatible fasteners.”

Shown with a Deckorators grooved deck board, CAMO’s EdgeXClip is designed for angled decking patterns.

CAMO’S new EdgeClip and EdgeXClip are engineered to reduce installation times, require no partial install and can fasten any type of grooved deck board including wood, capstock, or PVC. The EdgeClip is designed for 90-degree patterns and the EdgeXClip is designed for any angled decking pattern.  

A “Never-Miss Guide” is included in every pail of clips, making fastening easier so grooved boards can be installed in half the time, National Nail said. 

For square deck boards, CAMO’s Edge Fastening System uses a hand guide tool to drive proprietary fasteners into the edge of the board and joist on both sides, creating a more stable deck board with no visible fasteners on the surface. The CAMO DRIVE also has an edge fastening attachment for faster installation as well.  

Deckorators is a subsidiary of Universal Forest Products.


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