DAP has a new line of construction adhesives

BY HBSDealer Staff

Stronger and more durable bonds are a big part of the story at DAP, which just introduced DynaGrip, described as new complete line of construction adhesives with the latest innovative technologies.

The company says the new DynaGrip formulas deliver high-strength bonds in hours, not days, and provide exceptional performance even in the most extreme weather conditions.

“Formulated with the latest adhesive technologies and DAP’s commitment to quality and performance, professionals can count on the versatility and strength of DynaGrip products to get even the toughest jobs done right the first time,” said Kate Piche, group product director at DAP. “DynaGrip provides a grip that outperforms, ensuring a durable, long-lasting bond.”

In addition to stronger and more durable bonds, DAP’s new line of DynaGrip adhesives are easier to gun for greater efficiency and include several formulas which are low odor and compliant with stringent VOC regulations. DynaGrip works well on the toughest jobs, including the installation of subfloors, drywall, heavy remodeling, and new construction, according to DAP.


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