DAP has a stripped screw solution

Tank Bond Thread Stopper and Tank Bond Liquid Grip help prevent and grip stripped screws.

BY HBSDealer Staff

For those having a tough time with the inevitable stripped screw, DAP has come up with a new solution.

DAP has introduced Tank Bond Thread Stopper, which helps to hold screws tightly in place, and DAP Tank Bond Liquid Grip, which prevents screws from stripping and instantly increases grip for easier installation or removal.

“Over time, the screws in heavily used items such as door hardware, kitchen drawers, recreational equipment and even power tools have a tendency to come loose,” said Kate Piche, group product director at DAP. “And nothing is more annoying than having to tighten the same screw over and over again. At best, these are just minor frustrations, but at worse, it could lead to damage or dangerous conditions. DAP Tank Bond Thread Stopper and Liquid Grip ensure that screws install – and remain – tightly in place as needed, while also being easily removable.”

DAP Tank Bond Thread Stopper

Turn any screw or bolt into a self-stopping, shock-absorbing fastener by applying Tank Bond Thread Stopper. Simply apply to the bolt, let dry and then install. The non-locking formula creates a strong hold without permanently bonding threads, allowing fasteners to be easily removed and replaced with manual tools. As a non-permanent solution, Thread Stopper is ideal for any type of routine maintenance repair or for a tight hold on components that may need to be accessed or replaced in the future.

Tank Bond Thread Stopper is designed to work on all fastener types, from the smallest screw to the largest bolt. In addition, this multi-material solution can be used on more than just metal fasteners. Thread Stopper can be used on metal, wood, and plastic, and won’t damage or crack plastic like a traditional threadlocker. With just one coat, fasteners can be removed and reinstalled up to five times.

Adding just a drop of Liquid Grip to the screw head provides up to seven times more grip, giving it the extra bit of surface traction needed to easily install or remove, while preventing unnecessary wear and tear on your tools. The Liquid Grip formula works on all fastener types and sizes, and cleans up easily from tools and fasteners when work is done – simply wipe with a paper towel.

“As they say, an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure – after the first slip, just a drop of Liquid Grip can save hours of frustration, making it the ideal addition to any DIYer’s toolbox,” Piche said.




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