Coming on Monday: Fastener Week

HBSDealer’s first-ever “Fastener Week” video series swims into view.

BY HBSDealer Staff

Just when you thought it was safe to think that you knew everything there was to know about fasteners, along comes Fastener Week at

Beginning June 18, HBSDealer will present a series of videos showcasing innovations, technologies, packaging and other trends from fastener manufacturers.  The highlight reels will feature products from Hillman, Midwest Fastener and PrimeSource.

Fasteners are arguably the most often-used product on the job site, and therefore among the most important. The innovations on the market today include durability and efficiency – and in general, making it easier for the contractor to get the job done right.

The HBSDealer Daily Newsletter will feature fastener videos June 18-21. They will be available for replay at


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