CDC links infection to Petland stores


An outbreak of human Camplylobacter infections has rattled the pet store industry, with the Centers for Disease Contol and Prevention finding links between the infections and puppies sold at Petland, the Chillicothe, Ohio-based retailer.

The CDC said in a Sept. 11 update that the outbreak includes 39 people with laboratory confirmed Campylobacter infections or symptoms consistent with Campylobacter infection who live in 7 states (Florida, Kansas, Missouri, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Tennessee, and Wisconsin) and were exposed to puppies sold through Petland stores.

Of the 39 cases:

• 12 are Petland employees from 4 states.

• 27 either recently purchased a puppy at Petland, visited a Petland, or visited or live in a home with a puppy sold through Petland before illness began.

Campylobacter can spread through contact with dog poop. It usually does not spread from one person to another.

Petland published a release in response, saying in part that the CDC has not identified any failures of Petland’s operating system that would lead to any campylobacter infection.

The company added: “Petland takes the health and welfare of our pets, our customers and staff very seriously.  In a 2016 study, less than 1.2% of puppies purchased from Petland incurred any sort of medical issue requiring medical hospitalization. In addition, our extensive health warranty protects both our pets and our customers from bacterial, viral and congenital issues.”

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