Calling All All-Stars

The ninth annual HBSDealer STIHL Hardware All Star issue will drop in May. And we need your help.

BY HBSDealer Staff

Fifty retailers — one from each state — will again be recognized in the May issue of HBSDealer. And we’re looking for a few, good nominations.

Any hardware or building supply dealer that performs at an All-Star level is open for consideration. Generally, All Stars contain one or more of the following attributes:

  1. High levels of customer service;
  2. High performance – growth, sales, profit or any other metric;
  3. Deep involvement in the community;
  4. Innovative culture;
  5. Outstanding merchandising and store design;
  6. Willingness to take risks;
  7. A passion for philanthropy;
  8. Excellence in training;
  9. Ability to adapt to trends and society; or
  10. Generally, just an all-around all-star retailer

Do any of these qualities describe your store, or a retailer in your neighborhood? We’d love your input.

To nominate a retailer for recognition in the STIHL Hardware All-Stars awards program, just send a sentence or two about the store to [email protected]. Please include the retailer’s full name, as well as its city and state.

Check out the 2018 class here.


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