Appliance study favors Best Buy

J.D. Power & Associates offers ratings and advice for appliance retailers.

BY HBSDealer Staff

The J.D. Power & Associates 2019 Appliance Retailer Satisfaction Study gave its highest score to Best Buy, the consumer electronics giant. Lowe’s took second place.

The ratings were based on responses from 2,028 customers who purchased appliances from a major appliance retailer in the last 12 months. The study was fielded in 2019.

Only four retailers appeared in the rankings: Best Buy (with a score of 864); Lowe’s (857); Home Depot (854); and Sears (842).

The study examines six factors: sales staff and service; store facility; price; delivery and installation service; sales and promotions; and merchandise.

In addition to ratings, J.D. Power’s team offered advice. “Sales staff and service, and home delivery and installation are the most impactful factors on customer satisfaction for appliance retailers,” said Christina Cooley, director of the At-Home Practice at J.D. Power. “If retailers can remain consistent from start to the final finish of installation, they will have the most satisfied customers and a leg up in such a competitive market.”

The appliance study comes less than a month after the J.D. Power home improvement retailer satisfaction study, which gave the highest marks to True Value and Ace.


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