A Starborn partnership is born

Mid-State Lumber distributing Starborn's lineup of fasteners and deck plugs.

BY HBSDealer Staff

Starborn Industries has expanded distribution of its fasteners in the Northeast through a new relationship with Mid-State Lumber.

As part of this new distribution agreement, Mid-State Lumber, with locations in Branchburg, N.J., Kingston, Pa., Warwick, N.Y., and Marlborough, Mass., will stock and distribute Starborn products to complement decking, fascia, and trim products. Mid-State Lumber is a local and regional wholesaler of building material products for the retail lumber dealer, and has been in operation since 1976.

“We are excited to have been selected to distribute Starborn Fastening Systems in all of our branches. They are an excellent counterpart to our lines of composite decking and PVC trim.  Starborn’s quality fasteners play an essential role in maintaining the stability and longevity of these outdoor products,” said Ken Bernstein, principal at Mid-State Lumber.

Larry Crossley, VP of sales at Starborn Industries said, “It is with great enthusiasm that we move forward with our new partnership with Mid-State Lumber.  We pride ourselves on delivering innovative, high-quality products with top-tier distribution partners and Mid-State Lumber is a great addition.” 

Starborn Products in the distribution agreement include:

  • Cap-Tor xd: Specifically designed to fasten composite and PVC decking with no pre-drilling for a clean, color-matched finish. Cap-Tor xd screws are available in epoxy coated carbon steel and Headcote stainless steel. For the perfect setting depth every time, couple the Cap-Tor xd screws with Starborn’s Smart-Bit Depth Setter tool.  This unique tool adjusts to set screws to desired depths, and it features an Auto-Stop mechanism that sets the screw without stripping.
  • DeckFast Fascia System: Designed to handle the large amount of expansion and contraction that can occur with composite deck fascia boards. The system consists of the Fascia Tool bit for pre-drilling and countersinking and the washer head color-matched Fascia Screws. The Fascia Tool bit creates an oversized hole so that the board can expand and contract freely without applying significant force to the screw.
  • Pro Plug System: This easy-to-install, plug-fastening system for decking and trim includes screws, plugs, and Starborn’s superior and patented PVC/Composite Tool with Auto-Stop for setting screws to the correct depth without stripping.  Plugs are made from actual decking and trim material, so they match perfectly.
  • Pro Plug for Fascia: This plug-fastening system for Composite Fascia utilizes Starborn’s Fascia Plug Tool bit and washer head screw, along with plugs made from actual material, to create a hidden fastener that allows for expansion and contraction of fascia boards.

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