Federal Brace Eco-Lucent LED light system

Federal Brace has introduced an Eco-Lucent LED White Light System for hardwire applications.

The lighting system provides a complete solution for under-counter, under-cabinet, in-cabinet, closet, as well as uses for kitchen, bath, and office accent lighting uses.

The Eco-Lucent LED Lighting System is made up of LED light bars installed in extruded aluminum housings & frosted covers for defused, decorative accent lighting.

The complete Eco-Lucent lighting system allows for "daisy chaining" of LED light bars on a single transformer so that you can easily add lighting as required.

The Eco-Lucent LED White Hardwire Light Bars are sold separately from the full installation kit. This allows the user to choose the number of light bars desired per installation kit and also use other transformers and wiring as desired.

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