New size for Benjamin Obdyke HydroFlash

Benjamin Obdyke Hydroflash 10 oz

Benjamin Obdyke is introducing its HydroFlash Liquid Applied Flashing (LA) in 10-ounce  cartridges, meeting demand from customers looking for a smaller alternative to the original 20-ounce sausage style tubes. 

Like the original HydroFlash LA, the liquid-applied flashing easily conforms around corners, curves,  and other awkward shapes, simplifying the process of flashing rough openings compared to the cutting and bending required of flashing tapes.  

HydroFlash LA is ideal for applications including sill pan flashing and window integration, door and window caulking, exterior insulation and window bucks, through-wall flashing with bricks and masonry, arch-top windows, HVAC penetrations, air and water barrier details, foundation splash areas, and more. It also can be used to fill or cover gaps of less than ¼ inch, or ¼ inch to 1 inch with a backer rod. 

Unlike many flashing tapes, HydroFlash LA can be installed on damp or wet surfaces, so it is suitable for rainy climates such as the Pacific Northwest. It’s also vapor permeable and, with an install temperature range of 25  to 100 degrees F, is suitable for climates ranging from the hot, humid Southeast to the colder Northeast.  

A silyl-terminated polyurethane (STPU), HydroFlash LA is extremely flexible and can stretch 300% of normal width while maintaining its adhesion; this ensures the flashing moves with the building over time and the seal stays intact. It is non-staining, non-yellowing, and low-odor; it undergoes no shrinkage, and it can be painted with a moisture-permeable coating once tack-free.  

“Since introducing HydroFlash LA, we’ve had a tremendous response from customers; it has become a key component of wall systems to help ensure proper protection of openings against moisture and air intrusion,” said Kaylen Handly, technical innovation manager for Benjamin Obdyke. “We’re always listening to feedback  from customers, and they’ve been requesting a 10-ounce version that can be applied without special tools, so  we’re answering that call with these new cartridges.” 

HydroFlash LA is UV-resistant and California Prop 65 compliant. 

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