New Shur-Line brushes and painting accessories

Shurline between the boards
The new Shur-line Between the Boards Painter.

Shur-Line has introduced a new assortment of paint accessories, including paint brushes and trim and pad painters, that are designed for comfort and expert efficiency. 

The new assortment provides painters with the high-quality, affordable tools they need to get the job done with confidence, according to Shur-Line.

“At Shur-Line, our mission has always been to design quality products that are easy to use and offer professional results,” says Debbie Fessler, Product Director, Shur-Line. “This new assortment of paint accessories fulfills that enduring mission and offers our customers the reliable, effective, and efficient results they have come to expect from Shur-Line products.”

 The new lineup of products from Shur-Line includes:

ShurLine Deck Pad
Shur-Line's new premium 9" deck pad.

Between the Boards Painter (2008673): For painting between deck and fence boards, this product’s tear-resistant flocked pad provides a smooth finish with all stains and paints.  The threaded handle fits most extension poles, and its 6” width provides excellent coverage. Works great with Shur-Line’s Easy Reach Pole. 

Premium 9” Deck Pad with Detail Edge (2008674):  Faster than a roller, smoother than a brush.  Ideal for siding, brick, and concrete, this 9” deck pad features a durable, tear-resistant pad, a curved edge for both large and small areas, and a 3-position soft-grip threaded handle. This pad is perfect for all paints and stains. 

Refill Pad for 9” Deck Pad with Detail Edge (2008675)

Premium 2” Angle Short Flexi Handle Brush (70001ARC20): Designed to offer premium, professional quality and finish, this brush’s short, flexible handle and its solid poly/nylon filaments provide comfort and control, making this 2”-wide brush perfect to use for painting in corners and other tight places.

Best 2” Angle Short Flexi Handle Brush (70002ARC20): The soft, flexible rubber handle, and the 2”-wide angle of the solid, easy-to-clean polyester filaments make this brush perfect for painting tight places with all paints and stains.  

Best 2” Curved Cut In Brush (70002CC20): Fastest & easiest way to cut in. This 2”- wide thin angle paint brush features a narrower width to provide a sharper cut line. The long sash-style handle provides a longer reach, versatile control, and ease of use. Designed for use with all paints and stains.

Best 2.5” Curved Cut In Brush (70002CC25): Fastest & easiest way to cut in. The 2.5” curved edge of this paintbrush, along with its high-quality sanded hardwood handle, makes this brush the perfect choice for a superior finish on smooth to semi-smooth surfaces. Designed to be used with all paints and stains.

Best Oil White China 2” Angle Short Flexi Handle Brush (70007ARC20): The 100% natural white China bristles of this brush are designed to use with oil-based paints, stains, varnish, enamel, shellac, urethane, and marine paints, providing coverage in a single coat. The brush’s soft, flexible rubber handle provides extra control for tight places.

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