New Avant patio stones from Pavestone

More than 50% of home exterior projects are focused on outdoor living space, according to the American Institute of Architecture Home Design Trends Survey results for Q2 2020. 

As a complementary extension of popular linear designs found inside a home, Pavestone has introduced Avant patio stones for upgrading outdoor living space with sleek, contemporary patios, walkways and other pedestrian surfaces. 

The 16" x 16" Avant patio stones have the look of large format plank pavers, but install with the ease of traditional square pavers for creating new patios or as an overlay to renew an old, existing patio.


Eliminating the skill, precision, labor, and time commonly required to install individual large format plank pavers, the Avant patio stones come in six different face textures that are strategically packaged on a pallet so installing an outdoor surface with a linear design. 

Available in trend-forward gray blends, Avant patio stones require little maintenance as they are made of durable long-lasting concrete that will not decay, attract pests, or distort over time. They also contain iron pigments that will not fade when introduced to UV exposure.      

Pavestone manufactures segmental concrete products in a variety of shapes, colors, and textures and is part of the Quikrete Companies hardscape division.


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