National Hardware Show: By the numbers

Nearly 700 exhibitors, 100 inventors to attend show, reports the NHS.
a tall glass building
The National Hardware Show will be held in the Las Vegas Convention Center's new West Hall, October 21-23. Nearly 700 exhibitors will attend.

As of September 30, the latest show numbers from The National Hardware Show (NHS) website indicated 690 exhibitors will be showing their wares, with 259 of those being new exhibitors.

According to the NHS, there will be 225 new featured products at the show, as well as 97 inventors attending the 2021 show in Las Vegas.

While the NHS said it does not report attendance ahead of time, the NHS did indicate on its website that of those registered, 87% have decision making power and 32% are new registrants.

In the “Category Interest” graph on the NHS website, 42% of registrants expressed interest in the “Hardware & Tools” category, while 35% expressed interest in “Lawn & Garden” and 24% in the “Building” category.

The National Hardware Show will take place October 21-23, 2021, at the Las Vegas Convention Center’s new West Hall.