National Hardware Show debuting 'Habitat' zone

The new Habitat pavilion will spotlight innovative ideas, roll-outs, and technologies.

When you walk into the National Hardware Show (NHS), being held Oct. 21-23, in Las Vegas, you won’t be stepping into the Twilight Zone, but you will experience a new type of “zone” — a discovery zone for hardware innovation called “Habitat.”

The new pavilion will reside at the show’s main entrance, positioned to be the first area attendees experience as they enter the Las Vegas Convention Center’s West Hall.

The NHS announced the debut of Habitat for its 75th edition show, as a new platform that delivers future outlooks, product innovation showcases and actionable insights for business resilience. The pavilion will live both online and on-site at the show.

“Habitat is the intersection of merchandise and mission – a platform for industry members to discover new product innovations and source inspiration from one another,” said Beth Casson, event leader, NHS.

The new pavilion will be broken into three components: The Habitat innovation showcase; Habitat New – a discovery zone for new product launches; and Habitat Next – a spotlight on inventors featuring educational sessions brought to you by the United Inventors Association.

“From environmental innovations to cultural and social shifts, Habitat will keep a trained eye on new ideas and technologies that are evolving how we will live at home,” noted Casson.

Habitat is a showcase for big ideas, ingenuity and innovation; driven by global shifts in culture, technology and the environment that are shaping our homes and how we live, wrote the NHS.

Focused on the future and designed for discovery, the NHS added, Habitat is a new platform that aims to explore the new ideas and technologies that are impacting our definition of the home and how we live.

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