Milwaukee Tool handheld sprayer

Battery-powered M12 sprayer fits either a one gallon or two-gallon tank.
Milwaukee Tool M12 handheld sprayer

Milwaukee Tool has introduced the M12 handheld sprayer.

Utilizing M12 technology, said the company, “this sprayer requires no manual pumping, provides instant, constant, and adjustable pressure and delivers increased performance, allowing users ultimate control and faster application speed.”

The M12 Redlithium CP2.0 battery delivers up to 80 gallons of spraying per charge, increasing productivity and allowing users to complete multiple jobs on a single charge.

The sprayer’s powerhead is compatible with both the one gallon and two-gallon tank, allowing users to optimize tank capacity to the application and premix multiple tanks to increase efficiency.

“This sprayer delivers 60% faster application speed,” said Milwaukee. The sprayer features a three-mode pressure adjustment knob that adjusts the pressure between 20 and 80 PSI and delivers a 17-foot vertical spray distance.

“Constant and adjustable pressure,” said the company, “supplies users with the capability to complete a wide range of applications, allowing maximum versatility on the job.”

The sprayer also features an onboard measuring cup, a strainer that filters debris from entering the tank, and vertical and horizontal wand storage.

Designed to meet the needs of professional landscape maintenance and pest control, the M12 handheld sprayer eliminates the time and energy consumed by pumping requirements.

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