Milwaukee Tool Cobalt Step Bits


Milwaukee Tool is introducing new Cobalt Step Bits. 

Made in the USA, the Milwaukee Cobalt Step Drill Bits are designed from the ground up to deliver unmatched performance with up to 15X life in stainless steel and over 1,000 holes in mild steel.

The Cobalt Step Bits feature an elongated dual flute offering, best heat management, and smaller steps to provide the smoothest drilling experience.

The Rapid Strike Tip delivers up to two-times faster holes in stainless. Optimized for Cordless Drills, the 3-Flat Secure-Grip reduces bit slippage. The Laser Engraved reference marks allow users to easily stop on any size.

 The bits provide best-in-class performance when used on low speeds and with cutting fluid for stainless steel and high speeds for mild steel. For optimal use, the bits are recommended for mild and stainless steel up to 14ga thickness.