The May issue and STIHL Hardware All Stars have arrived

Our cover story features 50 high-performing, service-oriented, innovation-embracing retailers.

It’s All Star season at HBSDealer. 

That’s because the May issue of HBSDealer, our “STIHL Hardware All Stars” issue, is available here in a digital version, right now.

The cover story recognizes 50 high-performing, service-oriented, innovation-embracing retailers—one from each state, from Alabama’s Arab Lumber to Wyoming’s Jenkins Building Supply. (That’s Missouri’s Wood Shed Lumber & Hardware on the cover.)

Also inside, the May issue:

  • From the Editor examines Ward Lumber’s move to employee ownership;
  • Our Indy Profile of Stewart Builder Supply;
  • Top Women in Hardware and Building Supply profile of Jean Fahy, Do it Best Corp.;
  • The insurance landscape; risks, prevention and trends.

As in every issue, the editors have assembled product news, market insights, category coverage and the Quikrete Industry Dashboard.