Max USA rolls out improved TwinTie

a close up of a tool
The RB611Ts TwinTier

Since MAX Co Ltd., invented the first battery powered rebar tying tool in 1993 rebar tying tool technology has improved in many ways over the past two decades. The battery platform has changed from Ni-Cad to Lithium-Ion which enables the latest model tool, the TwinTier to form 4,000 ties per charge. The durability of the tools has improved due to the continuous R&D efforts of our over 200 engineers and the range of the rebar tying capability has significantly increased as well. Traditionally, the RB655 has been the tool with the largest rebar tying capacity since its launch in 2007, tying up to #8 on #9 rebar combinations. In 2019, MAX introduced the RB611T TwinTier, which can tie from #5 on #5 to #9 on #10 rebar, making it the battery powered rebar tying tool capable of tying the largest sized rebar on the market. Today, many contractors working with rebar, from rodbusters to electricians, are utilizing the large capacity of the RB611T to finish rebar tying faster for these larger rebar applications.

One rebar contractor who works on many public civil projects in the Tri-State Area has been using rebar tying tools for over the past 10 years. Already with a fleet of over a dozen rebar tying tools, he recently decided to add the RB611T to his fleet and immediately saw an increase in productivity. Steve S., President of the company, says this about the RB611Ts: “The speed that the gun has and the better adjustment with the amount of wire it uses per tie, enabled us to gain more ties per roll of wire. It doubled our production compared to other tie guns and it definitely increased our output at least 20% on the overall as far as production goes as well”.

The TwinTier platform ties at approx. ½ sec per tie due to its dual wire feeding mechanism. This tool platform also uses less wire per tie because of the wire pull back mechanism (yields approx. 200 ties per spool when tying #5 on #5). These efficiencies make the RB611Ts very appealing, especially to contractors who have previously used older rebar tying tools.  

The larger rebar tying capacity is also being utilized by electrical contractors across the country, tying electrical conduits to rebar for various types of projects. With the RB611T’s capacity to tie up to the equivalent of 1-1/2” conduits on #6 rebar, some electricians are taking advantage of the benefits of the TwinTiers to finish tying conduits to rebar faster. Each tie is equivalent to a 16ga. hand snap tie and the fast-tying speed is especially useful for contractors facing shortage of labor in some areas of the country.   

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