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Quikrete Industry Dashboard

Stocks are flying high, gas prices are holding steady.

BY HBSDealer Staff


The companies tracked on the HBSDealer Stock Roundup came within just a few points of total positivity for the month and the year. The top-right quadrant is crowded with nine of the 10 stocks tracked, plus the DJI. The only stock missing the party, barely, is TSCO, down 0.4% on the year.

BLDR and BMC have gained 80% and 62% on an annual basis.

Elsewhere on the Dashboard after a relatively quiet week of industry metrics, gas prices are holding steady at $2.63 for a gallon of regular, according to the AAA.

Next Friday, Nov. 15, the Commerce Department will release monthly retail sales, including NAICS 444 (home centers and pro dealers).


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