LP selling stake in I-Joist ventures

Resolute Forest Products of Quebec is paying $50 million for equity in two ventures.
LP SolidStart I-Joist
LP SolidStart I-Joist products produced by Resolute Forest Products.

LP Building Solutions announced that it is selling its 50% share in two joint ventures that produce I-joists.

Resolute Forest Products is purchasing the stake in a $50 million deal.

The joint ventures are comprised of Resolute-LP Engineered Wood Larouche Inc. in Larouche, Quebec and Resolute-LP Engineered Wood St-Prime Limited Partnership in Saint-Prime, Quebec. 

The partnership was established as an equity method investment. LP and Resolute Forest Products have a 50% interest in each entity. Currently, Resolute Forest Products operates the facilities and LP sells the products.

This includes LP Building Solution’s line of SolidStart I-Joist products. 

LP will enter into separate agreements with Resolute Forest Products to continue to serve as the exclusive distributor of the engineered wood products manufactured at the two operations.

"I would like to thank Resolute Forest Products for a long and mutually rewarding partnership," LP Chairman and Chief Executive Officer Brad Southern said in a press release issued this morning. "As LP exits the joint venture and transitions to a distribution agreement, I am confident that this next phase of our relationship will generate value for both companies." 

The completion of the sale is expected to close in the first half of 2022.