Lincoln Electric Welding helmet

Auto-darkening welding helmets from Lincoln Electric feature integrated LED light.
Lincoln Electric helmet bright

Lincoln Electric announced the launch of the Viking 2450 ADV series welding helmets.

The auto-darkening helmets feature user interface and LED technologies and superior 4C optics, providing all day comfort to improve productivity, said the company.

“The intelligent modular LED light was custom designed to improve productivity, quality and safety in one simple attachment,” said Mike Clifford, Lincoln Electric product manager, welding gear and tools.

One of the features most frequently requested by welders – an integrated LED light – comes standard with each new helmet.

“It dynamically adjusts to the environment to improve users’ visibility of the weld, work piece and weld joint,” said Clifford.

Operators can easily activate or deactivate the light using a low-profile external control. When activated, the light illuminates the work area for increased workspace visibility during arc-off time, said Lincoln Electric.

To save power and increase battery life when welding, the LED light automatically turns off when the operator strikes an arc and turns back on when the arc is extinguished.

The light also features a removable battery pack powered by an AA battery. Replacements are fast without interfering with the helmet’s primary functions.

Headquartered in Cleveland, Lincoln Electric engineers, designs and manufactures arc welding solutions, automated joining, assembly and cutting systems, plasma and oxyfuel cutting equipment; and the firm said it has a leading global position in brazing and soldering alloys.

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