‘Level-up’ with Crescent Lufkin

Crescent levels

Crescent Lufkin has launched three new, jobsite-ready, construction levels.

The Crescent Lufkin Pocket Level, Specialty Angle Pocket Level, and Billet Torpedo Level are specially designed to solve user pain points associated with traditional levels, said Crescent.

“Mechanical tradespeople and MRO users have unique needs that most levels don’t address,” said Kasandra Wilcox, associate product manager at Crescent.

“They want levels they can read easily, even in low light conditions. They’re often working in cramped spaces, so they need levels that are compact, easy to carry, and use. And of course, durability is key in harsh industrial applications. Our new Crescent Lufkin tradesman levels deliver in all these areas,” said Wilcox.

The company said that in addition to the superior legibility, compact size, and exceptional durability common to all three products, each has features that set it apart from the competition.

The Specialty Angle Pocket Level, for example, has an enlarged indexing vial with indents that precisely set the vial housing to angles commonly used by multiple trades, said Crescent. 

All three new levels also feature firmly embedded rare earth magnets, so they hold securely onto metal surfaces. Together with their numerous other superior features, these new Crescent Lufkin products are poised to become the new standard for compact levels.

Crescent is a premier brand from Sparks, Maryland-based Apex Tool Group, one of the largest hand tool manufacturers in the world, and a producer of hand and power tools, tool storage, drill chucks, chain, and electronic soldering products.

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