HBSD LBM Finance & Development Week 2021

Welcome to the LBM Finance & Development Week Highlight Hub, showcasing the replay performances from the recently completed virtual event.

Over the course of several days, expert panelists shed light on mergers and acquisitions, business valuations and the insurance landscape.

HBSDealer appreciates your comments and feedback regarding the event, and also your thoughts on what topics would prove valuable in future LBM Finance & Development events. Send your suggestions to [email protected].

The State of the LBM Industry

Join a panel of experts for an in-depth look at how M&A activity and economic forces, new and old, are reshaping the LBM industry. Plus, analysis of buyers, sellers and the keys to success on both sides of the transaction.

The Insurance Marketplace: What this Means to You and Your Bottom Line

After a year of uncertainty, a pandemic, and multiple natural disasters, the insurance industry, just like the LBM industry, is going through many changes. Being in a hard market, many are finding themselves with higher insurance premiums, more stringent underwriting criteria, and reduced capacity. So how will this affect your business?

Gain a better understanding of the insurance marketplace, what this means specifically for wood businesses, and take away some actionable steps for your business and your bottom line in this new year. John K. Smith, President and CEO at Pennsylvania Lumbermens Mutual Insurance Company is joined by company senior leaders to create a dynamic panel that will give you insight into what you need to know, what you can expect, and what you can do.

Business Valuation: What is My Business Worth and Can it Fund My Retirement?

On average, a business will fail to realize up to 27% of its potential value during an ownership transfer. If your business is valued at $4 million, that's a potential loss of more than a million dollars! Without proactive planning, that shortfall could make the difference between retiring successfully or failing to do so.

What can you do to close this gap? During an illuminating session, Sam Brownell, Managing Director of Stratus Wealth, will outline the steps to valuing your business and provide tips on how to increase its value.