Laser meter measures up

Laser meter from Hultafors interfaces with Bluetooth to save, and share, measured distances.
Hultafors laser measure

Hultafors Laser Distance Meter HDL 60 comes with a Bluetooth interface that enables it to connect to the Hultafors Measures app, where you save measurements, add them to images or construction plans and share them with others.

“An intuitive, precise and user-friendly distance meter, great for measuring over longer distances, for example, cables and pipes or in places that are hard to access. The measuring range is 0.05–60 meters and it has a tolerance of 1.5 mm,” said the firm.

Apart from simple distance measuring, you can get minimum and maximum values, set distances with continuous measuring, add and subtract measurements and store them.

It also calculates surfaces and volumes and in cases when you can’t get access you can measure lengths and heights indirectly from a distance.

Backlit display increases readability in dark surroundings. Compact design makes it easy to bring along and it comes with a soft protective case that you can attach to your belt.

Hultafors, founded in 1883 in Stockholm, Sweden, offers hand tools designed for discerning craftsmen around the world. “For over 130 years we have been developing innovative tools to rely on, in every situation.” Hultafors Group North America is located in Mequon, Wisconsin.

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