Klein Tools digital multimeters

Refresh on the firm’s line of multimeters includes lead-alert protection, easier to read displays.
Klein Tools multimeters

Klein Tools introduces its line of digital multimeters, featuring a refreshed look plus new capabilities for models across the board.

“As technology continues to advance, it is important to update our test and measurement products, so professionals have the latest and greatest on their jobsites,” said Sabrina Kalsi, product manager at Klein Tools.

Some of the capabilities include: 

  • Rugged industrial design;
  • Lead-alert protection with green LEDs to avoid blowing fuses on MM325, MM420 and MM450;
  • Auto sensor adjustment on reverse-contrast display on MM450 and MM720;
  • TRMS for improved accuracy on MM420, MM450 and MM720;
  • Unique MM450 has the same features as larger meters but with slim profile.

“With this refresh of our line of multimeters, we are bringing a new industrial design, lead-alert protection, larger and easier-to-read displays, and improved temperature accuracy on all models, bringing professionals top of the line tools to get their jobsites running smoothly,” said Kalsi.

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