Johnson Hardware steel split studs

Johnson Hardware 1500 SC
Johnson Hardware offers a complete line of steel split-stud pocket door kits that offer strength, rigidity, and durability.

1500SC Johnson Hardware’s Series 1500SC is the latest model to join its already popular line of heavy-duty, steel split-stud pocket door frames. 

Engineered for installation in 2x4 walls, the 18-gauge cold-rolled galvanized steel split-studs resist warping and rust. The 1500SC can support solid-core doors between 1 inch and 1¾ inch thick, and weighing up to 165 lbs. 

The steel split-stud design makes the frame more versatile. Now the frame doesn’t require the Johnson 1575 adapter kit for 1 ¾ in. thick doors. With its narrower studs, the frame allows an additional ¼ in. pocket clearance. The new steel split-studs accommodate a larger 2-1/4 in. wide pocket, without sacrificing strength or quality.

Johnson Hardware 1500SC B

The 1500SC also features Johnson Hardware’s unique soft-open/soft-close mechanism: When the door is slid open and is within about 2 inches of the side jamb, the door automatically—and slowly and silently—glides on its own to the fully opened position. And when the door is pulled closed, and is 2 inches from the strike jamb, the soft-close mechanism automatically engages and the door glides to a stop. 

The soft-open/soft-close mechanism works quietly and smoothly, prevents pinched fingers, and best of all, it eliminates banging, bouncing, and slamming that are common with most sliding doors. 

As with all Johnson Hardware steel split-stud frame kits, the 1500SC installs in about an hour, the same as a typical pocket door frame.

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