It’s shiny! Is it eco-friendly?

Sustainability is just one of five components to the new NHS Habitat zone.
Sustainability defines a 'circular revolution,' which is: Reusable overtaking recycled, said the NHS. Inventions and ideas will come together at the National Hardware Show in Las Vegas starting Thursday.

“Companies that invest in regenerative manufacturing can expect to take the lead.”  —NHS


A flashy new National Hardware Show (NHS) discovery realm called Habitat will debut in Las Vegas.

Habitat is based on what the NHS calls its Five Pillars. Put simply, they are the five components to the ideas and inventions being showcased.

Let’s take a closer look at the Five Pillars:


Self-service — Innovative approaches to self-sustaining practices.

As the NHS noted on its website, recent global events have given rise to a renewed interest in self-sufficiency. Supply shortages and financial instability are driving people to implement basic resilience structures into their lives.

“From home growing produce to the use of new materials and methods for home protection, to storage for bulk purchases — this is real self-service,” it added.


“Eco-anxiety is driving a new generation of climate warriors whose wallets are their weapon. The need to feel safe in our homes is matched by a need to feel warm and cozy while we work, play and sleep.”

              — NHS website


The extra mile — Focus on sustainability and waste minimization.

Welcome to the circular revolution.

Financial uncertainty, said NHS, and escalating environmental concerns are, “driving a fervent interest in products that are built to last. Products that can be refilled, repaired, and reused are overtaking products and packaging which can only be recycled.”

Multifunctional products that offer multiple living solutions are now top of mind as purse strings tighten and eco-awareness hits an all-time high, it added.



Health and wealth — Understanding wellness is core to the new consumer.

“Home fitness, wellness and sleep products are seeing 10x growth,” related NHS. “Air care and sterilization innovations are launching entirely new product categories.”

2021 is the year for hi-tech healthcare, a societal shift that will continue its upward trend, the NHS purports, adding: As multi-generational families spend more time in the home, innovative space division and planning for a new kind of family home is critical. 



Trust the process - transparency, corporate social responsibility, diversity, equity and inclusion.

“Transparency,” the NHS said, “is no longer a choice. Consumers - particularly Millennials and Gen-Z are demanding honest and ethical behavior from the brands that they invest in. Blockchain technology and ethos will become a core benchmark for how information sharing is evaluated.

“Diversity, equity and inclusion, stakeholder focus, and corporate social responsibility practices are now paramount,” it relayed.



Safe the world — Safety in the face of climate change, social unrest and a changing world.

“Concern for safety, that of our own and of the planet, is at an all-time high,” noted the NHS on its website. “Companies that invest in regenerative manufacturing can expect to take the lead.”



The goal of Habitat, NHS related, is to deliver key global insights and community-building opportunities for members of the hardware and home improvement industry.

“Driven by global shifts in culture, technology and the environment, Habitat is focused on the future and designed for discovery,” wrote the NHS.

The concept comes to life both online and on-site at the Las Vegas Convention Center’s new West Hall from October 21-23.