Inside Brownsboro Hardware's grill giveaway

Store owner lights-up some quick answers ahead of a busy grill weekend.
Brownsboro hardware dad and son
Brownsboro Hardware and Paint, a Do it Best dealer, focuses on dads, families and – what else – grills this Father’s Day weekend.

Brownsboro Hardware and Paint, a Do it Best dealer in Louisville, Kentucky, is having a grill giveaway.

But they are getting something in return: Customer interest.

“We are doing a Weber gas grill, Big Green Egg, and Traeger giveaway,” said Doug Carroll, owner of Brownsboro.

“We worked with a local tv station WDRB which promoted the event and helped collect new emails for us to reach out to new customers,” the owner said.

Some of the popular anchors at the news station did a cook-off last week on TV at our store to promote the giveaway, he said. “Each one had one of the three grills that we are giving away. They had over 6,000 entries for the grills. We will do a presentation of the winners the week of June 20,” he added.

Since Doug is really busy, like most hardware owners, we rapid-fired a short burst of questions at him for some quick-igniting answers about the dad’s day grill giveaway. It took 30 seconds.

Here we go:

Have you done this type of contest thing before?

Yes. We have done this giveaway the last three years.

What are customers saying about this contest?

Very excited! We promote it on social media and get tons of great comments.

Are you getting more store traffic because of it?

Yes. We’ve seen many customers come into the stores to look at the grills they could win. We also collect emails from all the entries for other promotions.

Can you tell us a memorable quote or two from customers or entrants?

“Thanks for a chance to win something I can’t afford to buy right now!” “Hopefully I win, hubby would love this!”

Are you a dad and what do you think of winning a new grill?

I have two boys. As a dad it’s always fun to win a new toy!

Any more contests coming in the future?

Our EGGFest in August will have contests to win new Big Green Eggs and other prizes.

Doug stood up to our high-speed grilling. And the Father’s Day weekend is almost upon hardware store owners; no doubt with their own, unique Father’s Day style – all to celebrate dad.

Brownsboro grill contest
Brownsboro Hardware recently hosted a grill-off complete with several dads and a local tv host.