HydroFlash LA from Benjamin Obdyke

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HydroFlash LA from Benjamin Obdyke

Benjamin Obdyke is expanding its line of flashing with the addition of  HydroFlash LA. 

As a liquid-applied flashing, HydroFlash LA simplifies the process of flashing rough openings,  transitions, and seams, as well as filling imperfections, penetrations, and geometrically difficult areas. 

Sold in 20-ounce tubes, HydroFlash LA applies with a caulk gun and is spread to a recommended 20- to 40-mil thickness, easily conforming around corners, archtops, and awkward areas that normally require extensive cutting and bending to flash with tape. It also can be used to fill or cover gaps of less than ¼ inch, or ¼ inch to 1 inch with a backer rod. 

HydroFlash LA is vapor permeable and is suitable for most climates, including humid environments like  Florida and colder regions like the Northeast, with an install temperature range of 25 to 100 degrees F.  Unlike many flashing tapes, HydroFlash LA can be installed on damp or wet surfaces, so it is suitable for rainy climates such as the Pacific Northwest.

The hybrid material, a silyl-terminated polyurethane (STPU), is extremely flexible and can stretch 300% of normal width while maintaining its adhesion; this ensures the flashing moves with the building over time and the seal stays intact.

“Flashing windows and other areas of the building envelope relies on installer application to be near perfect,” said Kaylen Handly, Benjamin Opdyke technical innovation manager. “HydroFlash LA makes it easy to create a monolithic seal essential for protecting the home from moisture and air intrusion and avoid long-term performance issues, particularly around the window frame.”

Handly said that HydroFlash LA is one more way to ensure high-performance levels around vulnerable, hard-to-flash areas such as window openings, HVAC and plumbing penetrations, outlet boxes, roof-to-wall intersections, and more.

HydroFlash LA is compatible with all Benjamin Obdyke housewraps. UV-resistant, the flashing can be left exposed up to 180 days, and it is paintable. It cures to a tack-free state suitable for window installation in about two to three hours and fully cures in 24 hours.  

In addition, HydroFlash LA is California Prop 65 compliant. For homes seeking Living Building Challenge certification, the flashing is free of Red List materials.


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