Husqvarna Max battery series

Battery-powered tool line includes lawn mower, leaf blower and more.
Husqvarna Max battery series
Utilizing industry leading battery technology, Husqvarna said its Leaf Blaster, Weed Eater, Lawn Xpert, Power Axe and Hedge Master provide a new approach to tackling outdoor projects.

Husqvarna introduces the Max battery series product line.

“We created the Husqvarna Max battery series product lineup to present uncompromising performance, durability and pro-grade power,” said Alvaro Trinidad, vice president of residential products, North America at Husqvarna Group.

The Husqvarna Max Battery Series product line includes:

  • Leaf Blaster (350iB Leaf Blower): Delivers 800 CFM and 200 MPH of blowing force to move massive amounts of leaves and yard debris. Users can blow through any task quickly and comfortably with its lightweight design and longer runtime.
  • Weed Eater (320iL String Trimmer): This dual-direction trimmer features a 25% lighter design and a faster cutting speed so consumers can work quicker and more comfortably. Also keeps comfort top-of-mind with a grip for edging and arm pad on the battery housing.
  • Lawn Xpert (LE322 Self Propelled Mower): This self-propelled lawn mower makes lawn maintenance easier and more efficient by utilizing a blade-system which can be adjusted to three modes: auto-sensing, mulching and boost power mode.
  • Power Axe (350i Chainsaw): A perfect combination of ergonomics and ease-of-use battery power provides comfort for fast pruning, limbing, tree felling and firewood cutting with even more cutting power than gas chainsaws.
  • Hedge Master (320iHD60 Hedge Trimmer): This hedge-trimmer’s sweeper blade removes clippings with ease and ensures quality execution while a clean-clip blade profile aids in plant health.

“With the Max battery series, Husqvarna is ushering in the future of lawncare and providing powerful cutting-edge lawn care options so everyone can have a lawn that looks like it’s professionally maintained,” said Trinidad.

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